Attorney General Cases

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In Texas, the Attorney General’s Office (AG) prosecutes child support cases for those who cannot afford an attorney or for those who simply find it easier or more efficient to work directly with the AG in handling their case. The AG’s office almost exclusively assist the custodial parent (CP) in obtaining child support from the non-custodial parent (NCP). If you have ever been faced with a notice from the Texas AG’s office regarding a paternity action or a child support initiation proceeding, you understand just how frightening that can be.

The Texas AG’s office has all the power and resources of a state agency, and they often use that to their advantage in prosecuting NCP’s for child support. While that may sound like a good thing, it can be very frustrating to a man who finds out for the first time that he is the father of a child and is simultaneously hit with four years (or more) of back child support arrears. Those arrears will most likely be included in the child support order as a judgment, which means the total of the past four years of support can be tagged with interest at the rate of 6% per year. Needless to say, if you receive a notice from the Texas AG’s office regarding child support, you need to hire an attorney immediately to ensure that your rights are protected.

There are many things an attorney can do to ensure that you are getting a fair deal with your child’s other parent. Having an advocate by your side who understands the process and has helped hundreds of previous clients in your same shoes is a huge advantage. You cannot afford to take on the Texas Attorney General’s office on your own.

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