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Family law encompasses more than just the act of divorce. If there are children, the primary issues concern their custody, care, and support. The stakes are high; you need an advocate who can argue your case effectively. If you have legal issues concerning children, marital concerns, or even family matters, speak with an experienced family law attorney. In central Texas, contact the Pearson Law Firm.

At the Pearson Law Firm, our extensive family law experience includes handling the following issues:

Child custody
Visitation, access, and possession
Child support
Post-decree modifications
Enforcement actions
Attorney General child support cases
Grandparent rights

Child Custody
Often times when a divorce is filed the biggest single question is, “Who get the kids?” That is not an easy question and it can often lead to emotionally charged, stressful, and lengthy litigation. The process can often involve bringing in third parties to testify, hiring counselors and therapists for the parties and the children, conducting child custody evaluations through a person appointed by the court, and even psychological evaluations for the parties. A child custody dispute is not something to be taken lightly. The attorneys at Miller & Pearson are experienced, knowledgeable advocates who know how to proceed in these high-stakes cases.

Post-Decree Modifications
The terms of a divorce decree relating to children are not etched in stone. If your circumstances have changed, you may be able to ask the court to amend the terms of the decree. For example, as your children grow the cost to provide for their needs increases. That increase may help justify a raise in the level of child support you receive. We will help you file a request for an appropriate modification on any issue from your divorce decree. A change of circumstances may also justify a change of custody, visitation schedule, and even who provides medical insurance.

Enforcement Actions
If your ex-spouse is failing to live up to the agreement order in your divorce we can help pursue court action to help ensure that the order is respected. If your ex-spouse has refused to pay the required amount of child support, there are measures you can take to enforce the support order. We can initiate an action to have your former partner’s employer withhold the child support from his or her paycheck.

If you have a child who was born outside of marriage, before you can request a child support order from a court, you must establish the biological father’s paternity. We’ll file a paternity action on your behalf to get a court to require the alleged father to submit to DNA testing. If his DNA samples and the child’s samples match, a court will declare him the child’s legal father, with all the rights and obligations that entails – including the duty to support the child.

If you’re the biological father and want to assert your parental rights and establish a bond with your child, we’ll initiate a paternity action on your behalf. We also represent men who seek to challenge paternity suits. There is a new law in Texas that limits your rights as a potential father to request a DNA test for a new child. Don’t get stuck with an attorney who isn’t well versed and current on how this new law may affect your rights and responsibilities in the coming years.

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