Client Reviews

Efficient and knowledgeable
“I hired Mr. Pearson to help me set up a new company for my business. He walked me through all of my options and ultimately we decided to form an LLC. He explained the process to me and gave me examples of what to expect and how this entity would help to protect me and my family from unfortunate situations. Ms. Thompson is always very friendly and helpful when I call and I could not be more pleased with this law firm. I now use them for all of my business needs and have not been disappointed yet.”

– D.W., a business client in Belton, Texas.

Professional, patient, and compassionate
“Mr. Pearson is one of a kind. He diligently helped me through my divorce, always responding in an extremely timely manner to any question I asked. He remained calm and professional during the six month process of working with an incompetent attorney who was hired by my ex. I would not hesitate to recommend Josh and his firm to anybody, for anything. I plan on using him to sell my home to a friend, there isn’t a case I wouldn’t trust him with.”

– Kim, a divorce client in Killeen, Texas.

Patient, trustworthy, and excellent communications
“Since the first time I contacted Mr. Miller he has made me feel at ease around him. I was having issues with my ex-wife over our children that required immediate attention and after listening to me, he agreed to help me out. I remember explaining a lot of different circumstances to him at first in an anxious manner. He managed to slow me down and went through every issue with me. Once he took my case he kept me updated and did a great job representing me. I eventually would need his services again after my first case and did not hesitate to contact him. He also kept me up-to-date after my first case with information he felt I needed to know regarding any new changes in law that would be beneficial to me concerning my cases. He always took time to explain how the Justice System worked in relation to my family issues.”

– Joseph, a family law client in Harker Heights, Texas.

Professional, courteous, and ethical
“I would definitely recommend Joshua Pearson to anyone looking for someone who is professional, courteous, and ethical! He is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. He answered all of my questions in a very timely manner, handled my divorce and child custody case amazingly, and worked well with the opposing lawyer. I got everything I wanted out of my divorce and child custody case. The thing that I was most impressed by was his honesty and high level of ethical conduct, which is SO hard to find in a lawyer! I live in Killeen but it was worth the drive to have a lawyer I could trust!!!”

– C.W., a divorce and child custody client in Killeen, Texas.

Excellent and trustworthy
“A trustworthy, honest, and dedicated person. Mr. Miller has helped me with my divorce and a child custody issue. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. My divorce was handled quickly and efficiently. With his knowledge of the law, he was able to help me feel secure in the custody battle I was going through.”

– Andrea, a divorce and child custody client from out of state.

Dependable, hard working, and passionate
“Joshua was instrumental in the recovery of my personal insurance claims after a head on collision with another motorist. After the other motorist’s insurance company promised to re-imburse me for personal loss that occurred during the accident, the insurance company became non-responsive. Joshua persistently contacted the insurance company and was able to illicit a response that resulted in my recovery of personal loss. Joshua kept me informed along the way and advised me as to the best next steps to accomplish our goal. Joshua is a strong, Christian father who is passionate about helping others. I have known Joshua for over 20 years and highly recommend him as an attorney.”

– N.A., a personal injury client in Belton, Texas

Fantastic probate attorney
“Mike Miller represented me as I was dealing with the death of my father. He was very professional at all times. He met with me and told me what we would have to do to probate Daddy’s will. He told me the different ways it could be handled and the pros and cons of each. After I decided what I wanted to do, he led me through the process and answered all of my questions. He and his staff made sure that I had copies of all paperwork and it was very easy to get through to someone if I needed to do so. They were very caring and were wonderful to work with.”

– Sandy, a probate client in Temple, Texas.

Extremely pleased with my experience
“Very professional, reliable, and courteous. He always responded to my e-mails and calls within a reasonable timeframe and did a great job of getting my divorce finalized as soon as he was able to. Definitely recommend him for his services.”

– Sarah, a military divorce client living in Kentucky

Gave me help when nobody else would
“I found Mr. Miller completely by chance. I was “lawyer shopping” and many others said they could not help me in my situation with my modification of my divorce with child support. Some even insulted me saying that it was my own fault I was in my situation. Mr. Miller helped me obtain what others thought were impossible in a friendly caring Manner. He is knowledgeable and will take time to explain the options step by step. He has a great staff that will return phone calls and emails. I would recommend Mr Miller to anyone who has a complex situation, seeking relief.”

– B.R., a child support modification client in Gatesville, Texas

Excellent military attorney
“I hired Mr. Pearson to handle my divorce case. Since I was stationed in Korea at the time I was worried about lack of communication and my case not being handled efficiently. I had nothing to worry about with Mr. Pearson handling my case. He kept me very informed all along the way and I realized quickly that he knew his stuff when it came to military issues. I highly recommend Mr. Pearson to anybody seeking an efficient, knowledgeable, sharp attorney. I have recommended him to several others in my unit to handle their legal issues. He is top notch.”

– D.C., a divorce client stationed in Korea.

Looking out for their clients
“Mr. Miller and his staff kept us informed all along the way and were great about answering questions. I really felt that they took a personal interest in our case and were working their absolute hardest to get our business taken care of to our satisfaction. I would definitely recommend this practice.”

– P.M., an adoption client in Temple, Texas.