Civil Litigation

Whether it’s an issue regarding the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), or a contract dispute over who has what rights, nobody wants to end up in court to settle a disagreement. The Pearson Law Firm strongly believe that the best way to resolve many disputes is out of court. Mediation, settlement conferences, and good old-fashioned negotiations are often times the best remedy. However, there are times when a court proceeding is absolutely necessary.

No matter what your current circumstances are, you can benefit from meeting with the attorneys at the Pearson Law Firm, and walking through the specifics of your case. We believe in viewing the dispute from both sides, and attempting to see what the motivations are for both parties. The best way to get a disagreement resolved quickly and efficiently is to understand what each party wants. Once you identify the end goal and the significant factors involved for both parties, you can begin to develop a game plan that will address as many of the outstanding issues as possible. Only then are you able to make real progress towards an out-of-court agreement between the parties.

And if your matter does end up in court, you can rest assured that your interests will be our top priority. The attorneys at the Pearson Law Firm work closely with our civil litigation clients at every opportunity to ensure that their concerns are our top priority.

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