Military Families

Knowledgeable, Experienced Attorneys Who Truly Understand Military Matters

Divorces, child custody matters, and child support issues can be extremely emotional, exhausting, frustrating, and time-consuming. And that doesn’t take into account all of the implications of one spouse or parent being in the military. The fact is, military matters can completely change the dynamics of a legal case. Not to mention the impact military regulations and orders can have on the man or woman currently in the military.

The attorneys at the Pearson Law Firm, have personal, deep-seeded ties to the military and they understand what it’s like to live in a military home and to serve our country. Our office handles all levels of family law matters for military men and women and their families on a daily basis. We can even handle legal matters while one or both spouses are deployed half way around the world. We routinely handle matters for service members in Germany, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries.

The truth is, you need an attorney who understands your case and all of the significant factors that military service brings into the picture. The Pearson Law Firm have lived it, understand it, and deal with it on a daily basis. Call us today for a consultation.