Title Services

The Pearson Law Firm is proud to have a partnership with Texas Title, one of the most recognized names in the title industry within the state of Texas. Texas Title has been serving the residents of Texas for more than a decade and provides closing services in 58 counties around the state. The Pearson Firm has title office in Belton, Temple, Waco, and College Station. Learn more here: www.pearsontitle.com.

Texas Title operates in the fee attorney model, which means they partner with attorneys in local areas who are licensed as escrow officers to complete real estate closings. There are many advantages to using a fee office instead of a traditional title company for your real estate closing needs. The first, and perhaps most significant benefit is that you are dealing with a licensed Texas real estate attorney who can help you understand the legal significance of each document you are signing and can help you walk through every scenario which may come up in the closing process. With Texas Title and the Pearson Law Firm handling your closing, you won’t have to pay additional legal fees to have an attorney answer your questions and address your concerns.

Another benefit of using a fee office for your closing is the flexibility and quick turnaround time that the fee attorney models provides. Instead of waiting weeks for your title search to be completed and the commitment to be issued, you will have your commitment back in days in most cases. Texas Title has a large staff of employees who focus on enhancing the borrower experience and compressing closing times. They are able to achieve this through their advanced technology and continuous communication during the transaction process. Texas Title offers closings all across the state of Texas, so our clients are not limited to one single county like most title companies are.

At the Pearson Law Firm, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that every closing should be focused on the needs of the client. Our attorneys and staff provide client-focused service and communication at every opportunity. We strive to set closings around the client’s schedule and what works best for them. We even offer mobile closing services for those clients who need a little extra flexibility – try finding that at a typical title company!

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you want the experienced attorneys and escrow officers at Texas Title – the Pearson Firm to handle your next real estate transaction, pick up the phone and call (254) 939-8873 today!